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General Info

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Those who register before May 15 2011 will have their badges and registration materials at the registration desk. On-site registration will require some delay in the production of these materials. This will require filling the registration form and presenting it to the registration team.

Climate and host venue

Buea is generally conducive in June with a temperature between 25-31OC. University of Buea is at the heart of Buea and located at the foot of Mount Cameroon which is the second highest in Africa and the highest in West Africa. Mount Cameroon is an active volcanic mountain which has witnessed recent eruption, the region also has one of the untempered ecosystem due to it's hilly nature. University of Buea was created in 1993 and was the former campus if Advanced School of Translators and Interpreters (ASTI). It has a population of 14500 students with 7 Faculties and 2 schools.

First Aid and Emergency services

The University has a health Center headed by qualified medical surgeon. In case of any emergency, two reference hospitals are located in Douala, which about 65Km from Buea.

Food services

Conference registration fees includes all coffee and lunch breaks

Housing Information and reservations

The conference organizers have reserved some rooms for the attendees at discount rates. In case you have problems booking for your hotels contact Dr. ASSOB, Jules Clement Nguedia (Email: juleclement@yahoo.fr; Tel: +237 99629452).

Internet access

Wireless Internet Access in the University of Buea is through RINGO Cameroun which operates WIFI. For those who have PCs, you need to buy a RINGO card at the cost of 5000F CFA or $12.5.00 to be used within the campus ONLY for a month. In case the credit is used, refill cards are available for 1000F ($2.50), 2000F ($5.00) and 5000F ($12.50). There will also be an Email Corner for those who do not require buying a card. Remember, that is payable.

Letter of attendance

If you require a letter of Attendance for the Conference not Short courses, please inform the registration desk.

Loss and found

Please, any loss and found articles should be handed over to the information desks located at the entrance RIGHT ENTRANCE of Amphi 150 C. Always check for this missing items at the mentioned desk.


It is OBLIGATORY to obtain a visa from your home country when there is a diplomatic representation of Cameroon.
However Nigerian participants do not need visa to enter Cameroon. In case the Cameroon embassy or High commission is not within your reach, do well to inform organizers who will arrange for a visa to be delivered at the point of entry. In this case your passport details need to be scanned and sent IMMEDIATELY if you have not done so already.


International participants will be transported from Douala International Airport to their hotels/conference venue. Do send your itineraries as soon as possible to Mr Fomban William (Tel: 77772222; Email: wgfomban@yahoo.com) for inclusion in the bus shuttle arrangements. The Chariot Hotel has the possibility of transporting participants to and from the hotel. If you are booked into this hotel do contact them (+237 33323233; +237 70150505; hotelchariot@yahoo.com) sending them your itineraries and arrange for pick up. In case you need to rent a car, also contact him for more details. Taxis in Buea are painted yellow and do pick and drop services. No other urban transport services are available.

Photography policy

As courtesy requires, we appreciate that photography of presenters is prohibited without the consent of that presenter. Cell phones and other electronic devices should be put in silence.

Registration desk

Registration will begin from the 31st of May 2011 as of 8.00 a.m till 4.00p.m at the Conference Secretariat, Faculty of Health Sciences, behind Amphi 150 C, one of the venues of the conference.

Safety and Security

Demonstrations are rare in the campus. However, in case it occurs, the venue shall be changed immediately. Always carry your conference badge along wherever you go. The campus has its security agents and the police are located very close to the campus. Buea is a safe town. However, to avoid opportunistic thieves take sensible precautions like: in the night avoid walking alone and do not talk to someone on the street you do not know. All enquiries should be addressed at the information desk; hold your bags tight.

Tour information

In case, you need to carry out a tour other than that specified by the conference organizers, contact Information Desk. All tours organized by the conference organizers will begin and terminate at the University of Buea Junction.

Social events

In the evening of 2nd June 2011, we shall have a cultural evening in Amphi 150C. This occasion is to show the various cultures and heritage of Cameroonians. It shall be open to all participants of the conference.

Message and information corner

This will host flyers for future Toxicology conference or any other relevant information for the participants.