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Scope of the meeting

In recent years, there has been a significant increase in population growth all over the world, particularly in Africa. This has been accompanied by rapid urbanization, increase in industrial activities and greater exploitation of natural resources. These revolutions have provoked varieties of pollutants such as food additives, pesticides, industrial wastes, heavy metals, noxious gases, plant and animal toxins and has resulted in huge wastes discharges into the environment.

The joint CSTS/SETAC AFRICA Toxicological Conference is organized to bring together stakeholders involved in research, production, utilization, release, management or regulation of toxic chemicals. They will brainstorm and seek for solutions to Africa's human and environmental challenges. It is worthwhile noting that although this is the 5th SETAC Africa conference, it is the very first SETAC Africa conference ever to hold out of the Southern/Eastern African Region. In addition, two official languages will be used for the conference (English and French). This will therefore be an opportunity to be more inclusive and encourage a wider participation of African Scientists in this multidisciplinary approach to solving Africa's human and environmental problems.

The upcoming conference will offer a two-day general toxicology course which will introduce participants to toxicology as a science; help participants who are interested in toxicology as a future career to make the right choice of disciplines; and broaden the knowledge base of participants in the areas of toxicology, including environ-mental toxicology.